From The Managing Director’s Desk

For over 8 decades, STP has been an innovative, respected and trusted solution provider to its customers in the field of Waterproofing, Protective Coating, Sealants, Flooring, Admixtures & Grouts and Restoration & Rendering businesses.

STP continues to be a day-dreamer in introducing rugged, efficient yet effective, economical and robust products bench-marked against the world’s best.

About the Company

STP Limited (formerly known as Shalimar Tar Products (1935) Limited) is a Berger Group Company, has been a pioneer in manufacturing Bitumen, Coal Tar and Construction Chemical Products in India for over 80 years. STP is a research-led innovative Company with business segments of Waterproofing, Protective Coating & Road Surfacing and enjoys excellent brand recall. Being the founder father in the waterproofing business segment, STP aptly takes pride in calling itself “Waterproofers to the Nation”.

STP Limited has been known for launching cutting edge Technology products which are distinctive in their field and implementation.

STP has six manufacturing facilities, duly backed up by a state-of-art central R&D facility, named “Avishkar“. Avishkar has introduced many products in the Indian market, the latest being Modified Polymerised Sealer Coat for Waterproofing of Roads..

Our History
1913 Mr Turner and Mr Morrison, two Britishers established “Turner Morrison Limited (TML)”, which grew into a conglomerate having mining, Shipping, Construction & Fabrication Business.
1935 TML established STP Limited for Production and Distribution of Coal Tar and Bituminous Products in India
1935 STP Introduced Hessian Based Bitumen Impregnated Pre-Formed Membrane, in India initiating membrane based waterproofing for the first time in India.
1940s Introduced TarFelt, the hessian based membrane, which became a generic product
1947 Established Jharia Factory for Coal Tar Products
1960 Established Bhandup, (Near Mumbai) Factory for Bituminous Products
1971 Established Ambattur, Chennai Factory
1982 Established Kosi Kalan, Mathura Factory
1984 Times of India Group took over Reins of Turner Morrison Limited and consequently STP Limited
1984 Name Changed from Shalimar Tar Products (1935) Ltd. to STP Ltd.
1986 Established Jamshedpur Factory for Coal Tar Products, post nationalisation of Jhaira coal mines.
1995 Established Goa Factory for Construction Chemical Products.
1997 Introduced New Products like Polyester based Felts.
2010 Established Kosi Factory.
2011 Acquired Panoli Factory
2011 Set up Central R&D named “Avishkar”
2012 Established Hooghly Factory for Bituminous and Construction Chemical Products.
2013 Established PU Plant in  Goa
2012 ∞ Introduction of New Innovative Products by “Avishkar”,
2012 TarFelt LM, First Bituminous Based Liquid Membrane
2013    ShaliUrethane BTD: Low Temperature (-20°C) Flexible Water Based PU Liquid Membrane
2013 ShaliPoxy 400: Plural feed WRAS approved Epoxy Coating
2014 ShaliUrethane PC: Plural feed PU Coating of 1 mm DFT in Single Coat
2014 ShaliCryl LM HI: Heat Insulated Acrylic Coating with exceeding 107 SRI value
2014 ShaliUrethane LHM: 1K PU Moisture Cure Liquid Membrane introduced by Central R&D
2015 ShaliUrethane LM: 1K PU Moisture Cure Aliphatic Liquid Membrane
2015 ShaliBond TPE: Epoxy adhesive for Thermoplastic Elastomeric Tape
2015 ShaliKote C: Ceramic Epoxy for High Abrasion Resistance
2016 PipeWrap CT: Petrol insolubility up to 97%
2016 ShaliSeal CSS A: MMA based Cycle Track & Sport Court Coating
2016 STP Color Asphalt: Road Demarcation & Low Light Absorption
2017 ShaliPoxy GF: Glass Flake Epoxy Coating
2017 ShaliPoxy CTE 406: Plural feed Coal Tar Extended Epoxy Coating
2017 ShaliPoxy CTE 403: Single feed Coal Tar Epoxy Coating up to 400 micron DFT in Single Coat
2018 ShaliUrethane LHM 2K: 2K PU Waterproofing Liquid Membrane
2018 ShaliKote NES 70: High Chemical Resistance and Flexible Epoxy Coating
2018 ShaliPoxy 400 FG: Single feed Food Grade Epoxy Coating up to 200 micron DFT in Single Coat
2019 RestoFix RPM HI: Readymade Heat & Sound Insulation Mortar
2018 STP changed corporate vision to “Enhancing Structures Life” to capture its new identity
2018 Formation of Focused Market Centric SBUs
    2018  Road Surfacing
    2019  POG Power, Oil and Gas)
2019 STP became a Berger Group of Company, w.e.f November 1
Our Vision
  • To be a research-led trusted partner of our customers through timely delivery of quality products at competitive prices in niche / volume market
  • To introduce environment / customer friendly products, thereby
    facilitating improvement in the life of people
  • Be a total solution provider for all types of Waterproofing, Protective / Anti-Corrosive Coating and Road Surfacing
  • To be a leader in its RestoFix business segment catering to Restoration / Renovation
Our Certifications
STP is certified by international standards
ISO 9001:2015 - Goa
Plot No. M6-9
Cuncolim Industrial Estate
Cuncolim Selectee, Goa - 403703
ISO 9001:2015 -Jamshedpur
Dimna Road
MGM Medical College
Mizadih Mango,
Jamshedpur - 831018
ISO 9001:2015 - Ambattur
55/56, A&B Developed Plot,
Industrial Estate,
Ambattur, Chennai
Tamil Nadu - 600098
ISO 14001:2015 - Jamshedpur
Dimna Road,
Mizadih Mango,
Jamshedpur - 831018
ISO 14001:2015 - Goa
Plot No. M6-9
Cuncolim Industrial Estate
Cuncolim Selectee, Goa - 403703
ISO 9001:2015 - Kosi
D-16&17 UPSIDC Industrial Area
Kosi Kotwan, Navipur
Mathura – 281 403, UP
ISO 9001:2015 - Hooghly
Sipaigachi, Vill & Post
Charpur PS. Haripal
Dist. Hooghly
Pin – 712 706
ISO 45001:2018 - Jamshedpur
Dimna Road,
Mizadih Mango,
Jamshedpur - 831018

Research at STP
Avishkar - The STP R&D Lab

STP is research-led company, serving niche / volume market by producing quality products at competitive rates, bench-marked  against world’s best . STP has set up its centralized state of art R & D facility, aptly named Avishkar  near Kolkata in 2012. This facility is suitably and adequately manned with emphasis on introduction of superior products and up-gradation of existing products.

Avishkar is endeavoring to constantly enhance quality of its existing products and add water based, easy to use, environment friendly products to STP’s portfolio.

Avishkar has aggressive plans to introduce new products in India.

Avishkar‘s mission is to enrich STP with “value added niche / volume quality products” by becoming a “Knowledge Base Centre” in West Bengal and a” leading research laboratory” in India in the field of its core business.

Avishkar‘s vision is to give at least 3 new high value / volume product every year with at least one green product.

Technical Services Cell

STP strives to be the preferred quality supplier in all its products by offering technical support. Our Technical Service Cell offers on-the-spot support to customers at their different sites all over the Country. This helps us understand customer requirements better and offer customised solutions. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals are continuously on the move to help our customers get best value from our products and thereby facilitating timely completion of projects.

Our Leaders
  • Rajesh Joshi – Managing Director
  • Jai Prakash Kukreja – CFO & Company Secretary
  • Rohit Varshney – President (Business Development)
  • Apurba Mallik – Head (Technology)
  • Hasan Rizvi – Sr. Vice President (BD & Key Accounts)
  • Jatinder Pal Singh Bedi  – Head Sale (North & East)
  • G Sattikonda – Head Sales (West & South)
  • Vikash Anand – Head SBU (RS)
  • Sachin Raina – Head SBU (PPOG)
  • Anupam Shil – Head – Technical & Marketing Services

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