Epoxy and Other Flooring

ShaliFloor® SL 3E FR

3K Solvent Free Self Levelling Fire Retardant Epoxy Flooring


ShaliPrime 2 E

2K Epoxy Polyamide Cured Epoxy Primer-cum-Sealer Coat


ShaliFloor® PU

4K PU Dispersion Based Self-Leveling Flooring System


ShaliFloor SL UL 3 ES

3K Epoxy Self-Leveling Underlay Epoxy Screed


ShaliFloor SL UL 3 EC

3K Epoxy Cement Self Leveling Underlay


ShaliFloor SL UL 1 C

Single Component Cementitious Self Levelling Underlay


ShaliFloor SL TC 4 E

4K Pigmented Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Top Coat


ShaliFloor SL AS 3 E

3K Self Leveling Anti-Static Epoxy Coating


ShaliFloor SL T 3 ES

3K Self Leveling Transparent Screed Floor Coating


ShaliFloor SL TC 3 PU

3K Self Leveling Polyurethane Floor Top Coat


ShaliFloor TC WB 2 E

2K Water Based Epoxy Coating For Floor / Wall


ShaliFloor PU WB 2 ES

2K Water Based Polyurethane Scratch Resistant Sealer


ShaliFloor TC 2 HB SF

2K Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Floor Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 HBE

2K High Build Epoxy Top Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 ARE

3K Acid Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 PU

2K Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat


ShaliFloor TC 2 LB SB

2K Solvent Based Low Build Epoxy Coating For Floor / Wall


ShaliFloor M DH

Non-Oxidizing, Heavy Duty Metallic Floor Hardener


ShaliFloor NM

Non-Metallic Floor Hardener


ShaliFloor 3 ES

3K Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Screed


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