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ShaliCure® PA M 20

Paraffin Based Pigmented Concrete Curing Compound


ShaliPoxy® Potting Compound

2K Solvent Free Epoxy Based Insulation Compound


ShaliTile Grout K

Three Component Epoxy Based Kota Stone / Tile Joint Filler


ShaliTile Grout E

Three Component Epoxy Based Tile Joint Filler


ShaliTile Glue

Tile / Granite / Marble Adhesive Mortar


ShaliTile Grout

Single Component Tile Joint Filler



Heavy Creosote Oil


PentaPhane Pale

Timber Preserver


ShaliCure Acrylate

Acrylic Curing and Sealing compound


ShaliCure® SS

Water Based Curing and Sealing Compound For Concrete Surface


ShaliCure® AL WB

Aluminised Sodium Silicate Curing Compound


ShaliCure® AL SB

Solvent Based Synthetic Resin Containing Aluminum Pigment


ShaliPrime Acrylate

Single Component Acrylate based Primer for Concrete surfaces


ShaliBond Concrete

2K Epoxy Bonding Adhesive / Primer for Concrete


ShaliGrind 3000 / 3501

Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid For Horizontal Ball Mill


ShaliGrind 4000 / 4500 / 5000

Glycol Based Liquid Grinding Aid For Vertical Ball Mill


ShaliSlip® WB

Water Based Emulsified Concentrated Chemical Mould Release Agent



Coal Tar Pitch For Aluminum / Graphite / Refractory Industry


ShaliSlip® SB

Solvent Based Mould Releasing Agent


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