Protective & Anti-Corrosive Coating
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ShaliCem® Abra

Hydraulic Abrasion Resistant Mortar


ShaliProtek® 2E 150

2K Anti-Corrosive Protective Epoxy Coating


ShaliProtek® PuR 40

2K Brushable PolyUrea Coating


ShaliProtek® 2AC PU Surfacer

2K Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane Mid Coat


ShaliPrime® 2E SF

2K Solvent Free Epoxy Primer for Concrete Surface


ShaliProtek® 2E 80 MI

2K Epoxy Moisture Insensitive Phenolic Anti-Corrosive Protective Coating


ShaliProtek ®TC 100

Moisture Cured PU Top Coat


ShaliProtek® HB DTM

High Build Synthetic Direct To Metal Coating


ShaliProtek® 2E AL

2K Hi-Build Protective Epoxy Aluminium Finish Coating


ShaliProtek® HR AL 300

Heat Resistant Aluminised Protective Coating


ShaliProtek® 2E PA 120

2K Protective Polyamide Based Flexible Epoxy Coating


ShaliProtek® 2E PA 80

2K Anti-Corrosive / Protective Flexible Epoxy Polyamide Coating


ShaliProtek® 2AC PU TC

2K Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat


ShaliProtek® 2E MIO 40

2K Polyamide Epoxy Intermediate Anti-Corrosive Coat


ShaliProtek® 2E MIO 60

2K Polyamide Epoxy Intermediate Anti-Corrosive Coat


ShaliPoxy® WB TC 2K

2K Water Based Epoxy Top Coating For Hygienic Wall


ShaliUrethane® PU TC 2K

2K Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat


ShaliPrime® ERO 60

2K Anti-Corrosive Red Oxide Epoxy Primer


ShaliUrethane® WP WC

Water Based PU Hygienic WP Wall Coating


ShaliProtek® 2E HB SF

2K High Build Solvent Free Epoxy Coating


ShaliPrime® Zn R

Two Component Anti Corrosive Zinc Rich Primer


ShaliPoxy® HB

Two Component Anti-Corrosive / Protective Flexible Epoxy Coating


ShaliKote AC

High Performance Anti Carbonation Protective / Decorative Coating


ShaliKote AC WB

Water Based Protective-cum-Anti Carbonation Coating


ShaliKote C

Two Component Anti-Corrosive Ceramic Epoxy Coating


ShaliKote NES

2K Anti-Corrosive Chemical Resistant Novolac Based Epoxy


ShaliPrime® MIO PU

Single Component Moisture Cure Polyurethane Primer


ShaliPrime AC

Silane Siloxane Based Penetrative Primer for Concrete & Masonry Surfaces


ShaliPrime RC

Single Component Water Based Rust Converter Cum Primer


ShaliPrime PU MIO Zn

Single Component Moisture Cure Polyurethane Primer


ShaliPrime® ZnSl

2K Moisture Curing  Zinc Silicate Primer



Chloride / Sulphate Free Liquid Rust Remover


ShaliPrime ERO

Two Component Anti Corrosion Red Oxide Epoxy Primer


ShaliPrime Etch

2K Etch Primer


ShaliPrime Zn Ph

2K Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phosphate Primer


ShaliPrime® Zn Ph 60

2K Zinc Phosphate Primer


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