ShaliFix®SC 2K

2K Cementitious Surface Correction For Concrete Floor / Pavements

ShaliFix® SC 2K is two a component pre-packed high performance polymer modified cement based mortar with high abrasion, impact and skid resistances


High Performance Cementitious Repair Micro Concrete

ShaliFix® MC is a one part, versatile, pourable, non-shrink, patching / repair compound, requiring just addition of water

ShaliFix®FRM CI

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Corrosion Inhibiting Mortar

ShaliFix® FRM CI is a single component, ready to use, mix of dry powders and select fibers, requiring just addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent thixotropic fiber reinforced mortar

ShaliFix®FRM 70

Non-Shrink Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforce Repair Mortar

ShaliFix® FRM 70 is a single component, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, ready mix dry powder requiring addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent hand and spray grade

ShaliFix®FRM 50

Non-Shrink Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Mortar

ShaliFix® FRM 50 (formerly known as ShaliFix FRM 90) is a single component, polymer modified,smooth finish, ready mix dry powder with low rebound

ShaliFix®FRM 40

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Mortar

ShaliFix® FRM 40 (formerly known as ShaliFix FRM) is a single component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, ready mix dry powder

ShaliFix®RMP HI

Readymade Heat & Sound Insulation Mortar

RestoFix® RPM HI is a single component cementitious ready to use mortar.It is used for internal and external plastering to provide effective sound and thermal insulation.

ShaliFix®RM SG 01

2K Structural Grade Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar

ShaliFix RM SG 01 is supplied as a grey powder along with a liquid polymer and has to be mixed with water on site to produce a highly consistent, high strength repair mortar.

ShaliFix®RM HB 01

2K High Build Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar

ShaliFix RM HB 01 is light weight, cementitious, polymer modified repair mortar to provide high build properties as well as excellent resistance to chloride ions


Non-Shrink Fast Setting Hydraulic Cementitious Product

Shalimar® Dam-it is a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires addition of clean water to produce highly consistent rapid setting cementitious, easy to apply mortar.


Mortar for AAC Blocks and Fly Ash Bricks

ShaliFix® BS is cementitious ready-mix mortar used for fixing and mounting AAC block, hollow blocks,bricks and precast masonry blocks.

ShaliFix® RM E

Three Component Solvent Free Epoxy Repair Mortar

ShaliFix RM E is a three component epoxy based repair mortar consisting of an epoxy resin,hardener and selected graded filler


Three Component Epoxy Mortar

ShaliFix® EM is a 100% solid, solvent free, high performance,non-slumping, three component consisting of an epoxy resin

ShaliFix®3 EP

3K Non-Shrink Epoxy Putty

ShaliFix® 3 EP (formerly known as ShaliFix EP) is a three component, non-shrink, epoxy based,putty for repair made of resin, hardener and some special filler


2K Primer for Polysulfide / Polyurethane Sealants

ShaliPrime®S (formerly known as ShaliSeal Primer) is a two component epoxy system with adhesion promoting ingredients.


Crack Sealer

PlastiSeal is a crack sealer that cures to remains flexible to accommodate thermal or structural movement in small cracks.


Single Component Cementitious Crack Filler

PlastiSeal® P is cementitious ready-mix polymer modified powder for slope levelling on concrete deck and crack filling in plastered / concrete surface

ShaliFix®Putty M

2K Polyester Based Metal Putty

ShaliFix® Putty M is a two component, high solid, polyester based putty to fill dents and pits of metal surface before painting.

ShaliFix®SC 40

High Strength Quick Setting Repair Mortar

ShaliFix® SC 40 is a single component portland cement based ready to use material to restore and repair concrete & masonry surface.