Products - Rigid Pavement Surfacing
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Fiber Glass Reinforced APP Modified WP Membrane


CPRX Compound

Rubberised Bituminous Adhesive


Industrial Bitumen

Industrial Oxidised Bitumen


PentaPhane Pale

Timber Preserver


PipeWrap BT

Hot Applied Anti-Corrosive Bituminous Tape


PipeWrap CT

Hot Applied Anti-Corrosion Coal Tar Tape


PipeWrap® CT 337

Hot Applied Anti-Corrosive Coal Tar Tape



Crack Sealer


PlastiSeal® P

Single Component Cementitious Crack Filler


SEJ Board

Bitumen Saturated Joint Filler Board


ShaliBit® 67

Special Grade Bitumen


ShaliBit® 81

Special Grade Bitumen


ShaliBond Concrete

2K Epoxy Bonding Adhesive / Primer for Concrete


ShaliBond S

Two Component Segmental Bridge Epoxy Adhesive


ShaliBond® APP

Synthetic Adhesive for APP Membrane With Release Film


ShaliBond® BS / CS

Cold Applied Bituminous Adhesive For Fixing Roofing Felts


ShaliBond® TPE

2K Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive


ShaliCem EWP

2K Cementitious Elastomeric UV Resistant Waterproofing Coating


ShaliCem EWP AR

2K Cementitious Anti-root Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating


ShaliCem WPC

1K Component Cementitious Waterproof Coating


ShaliCem® Abra

Hydraulic Abrasion Resistant Mortar


ShaliCem® EWP 150

2K Cementitious Flexible UV Resistant Waterproof Coating


ShaliCem® EWP 200

2K Cementitious Flexible UV Resistant Waterproof Coating



Acrylic Polymer Coating


ShaliCrete URP

Modified SBR Latex Based URP For Bonding, Repair & Concrete Rendering


ShaliCrete® 47

Polymerised High Solid Acrylic Coating



Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen


ShaliCryl® 215

UV Resistant Elastomeric Exterior Acrylic Waterproofing Coating


ShaliCryl® LM

Energy Saving Micro Fiber Reinforced Acrylic Liquid Membrane


ShaliCryl® LM HI

Energy Saving Heat Insulative Reinforced Acrylic Liquid WP Membrane


ShaliCryl® TC 100 E

Water / Dirt Repellent UV Resistant Exterior Acrylic Top Coat


ShaliCryl® TC 100 ES

UV / Weather Resistant Exterior Acrylic Silicone Top Coat


ShaliCrystal® 100

Crystallisation Admixture Waterproofing


ShaliCrystal® 200

Cementitious Crystallization Waterproofing


ShaliCure Acrylate

Acrylic Curing and Sealing compound


ShaliCure® AL SB

Solvent Based Synthetic Resin Containing Aluminum Pigment


ShaliCure® AL WB

Aluminised Sodium Silicate Curing Compound


ShaliCure® PA M 20

Paraffin Based Pigmented Concrete Curing Compound


ShaliCure® SS

Water Based Curing and Sealing Compound For Concrete Surface


ShaliDCT 101

Processed Dehydrated Coal Tar 


ShaliDCT 102

Processed Dehydrated Coal Tar 


ShaliDCT 102A

Processed Dehydrated Coal Tar 


ShaliDCT 103

Processed Dehydrated Coal Tar 


ShaliDCT 104

Processed Dehydrated Coal Tar 


ShaliDCT 105

PU Compatible Saturated Processed Tar



Coal Tar Enamel For Pipe Coating


ShaliFerroBlack® BT

Water Based Bituminous Emulsion For Rails


ShaliFix 3 EP

3K Non-Shrink Epoxy Putty


ShaliFix BS

Mortar for AAC Blocks and Fly Ash Bricks


ShaliFix EM

Three Component Epoxy Mortar


ShaliFix MC

High Performance Cementitious Repair Micro Concrete


ShaliFix RM E

Three Component Solvent Free Epoxy Repair Mortar


ShaliFix RM HB 01

2K High Build Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar


ShaliFix RM SG 01

2K Structural Grade Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar


ShaliFix RMP HI

Readymade Heat & Sound Insulation Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM 90

Non-Shrink Polymer Modified Smooth Finish Fiber Reinforced Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM CI

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Corrosion Inhibiting Mortar


ShaliFix® Putty M

2K Polyester Based Metal Putty


ShaliFlex® WB

Elastomeric Solvent Free Waterproofing Coating


ShaliFloor 2PU TC

2K Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat


ShaliFloor 2PU WB ES

2K Water Based Polyurethane Scratch Resistant Sealer


ShaliFloor 3 ES

3K Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Screed


ShaliFloor 3PU SL TC

3K Self Leveling Polyurethane Floor Top Coat


ShaliFloor M DH

Non-Oxidizing, Heavy Duty Metallic Floor Hardener


ShaliFloor NM

Non-Metallic Floor Hardener


ShaliFloor SL AS 3 E

3K Self Leveling Anti-Static Epoxy Coating


ShaliFloor SL AS 3PU

3K Polyurethane Self-Levelling Antistatic Flooring


ShaliFloor SL T 3 ES

3K Self Leveling Transparent Screed Floor Coating


ShaliFloor SL TC 4 E

4K Pigmented Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Top Coat


ShaliFloor SL UL 1 C

Single Component Cementitious Self Levelling Underlay


ShaliFloor SL UL 3 EC

3K Epoxy Cement Self Leveling Underlay


ShaliFloor SL UL 3 ES

3K Epoxy Self-Leveling Underlay Epoxy Screed


ShaliFloor TC 2 ARE

3K Acid Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 HB SF

2K Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Floor Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 HBE

2K High Build Epoxy Top Coating


ShaliFloor TC 2 LB SB

2K Solvent Based Low Build Epoxy Coating For Floor / Wall


ShaliFloor TC WB 2 E

2K Water Based Epoxy Coating For Floor / Wall


ShaliFloor® PU SL

4K PU Dispersion Based Self-Leveling Flooring System


ShaliFloor® SL 3E FR

3K Solvent Free Self Levelling Fire Retardant Epoxy Flooring



Admixture For Foam Concrete


ShaliGrind 3000 / 3501

Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid For Horizontal Ball Mill


ShaliGrind 4000 / 4500 / 5000

Glycol Based Liquid Grinding Aid For Vertical Ball Mill


ShaliGrout 50

Single Component Free Flow Non-shrink High Strength / Fluidity Grout


ShaliGrout 73

Single Component Free Flow Non-shrink High Strength / Fluidity Grout


ShaliGrout 90

Ready to Use Non-shrink High Strength Cementitious Grout


ShaliGrout Anchor L

2K Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout


ShaliGrout EI

Two Component Epoxy Injection Grout for Structural Strengthening


ShaliGrout EP 10

Three Component Epoxy Grout For Vibratory / Heavy Equipment Bases


ShaliGrout EP 20

Three Component Epoxy Grout System For Equipment Bases


ShaliGrout IP

Single Component Injection / Pressure Grout For Cement / Mortar / Concrete


ShaliGrout® PU

Polyurethane Based Water Reactive 



Heavy Creosote Oil



High Polymer Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane


ShaliJet® Sealing Compound

Coal Tar Sealing Compound


ShaliKote AC

High Performance Anti Carbonation Protective / Decorative Coating


ShaliKote AC WB

Water Based Protective-cum-Anti Carbonation Coating


ShaliKote BT

Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Bituminous Paint


ShaliKote C

2K Anti-Corrosive Ceramic Epoxy Coating


ShaliKote CT

Coal Tar Based Solvent Free Protective Coating


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