Sealants and Additives
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ShaliSeal® BT SB

Cold Applied Solvent Based Rubberised Bituminous Sealant


ShaliSeal CL BT

Bituminous Canal Lining Sealant


CPRX Compound

Rubberised Bituminous Adhesive


SEJ Board

Bitumen Saturated Joint Filler Board


ShaliTex Expansion Joint Filler Board

High Resilient Non Bituminous Joint Filler Board



Cold Applied Bituminous Compound With Mineral Fillers


TarPlastic V

Cold Applied Bituminous Compound With Mineral Fillers For Vertical Applications


ShaliTex® Sealing Compound

Bitumen Based Sealing Compound


ShaliBond® BS / CS

Cold Applied Bituminous Adhesive For Fixing Roofing Felts


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