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ShaliPlast Shotcrete P

Powder Set accelerating and Shotcreting Admixture


Synthetic Air

Air Entraining Admixture For Zero Slump Concrete


ShaliPlast Shotcrete L

Liquid Set accelerating and Shotcreting Admixture



Admixture For Foam Concrete


ShaliPlast AE

Air Entraining Additive For Concrete


ShaliPlast FS

Accelerator for Concrete


ShaliPlast R

Set Retarding Admixture


ShaliPlast P

Water Reducing Admixture


ShaliPlast HP

High Range Water Reducing Additive


ShaliPlast SP PQC

Chloride Free Superplasticiser for Pavement Quality Concrete


ShaliPlast SP

High Range Water Reducing Cum Retarding Additive


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