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ShaliFix® SC 2K

2K Cementitious Surface Correction For Concrete Floor / Pavements


ShaliFix MC

High Performance Cementitious Repair Micro Concrete


ShaliFix® FRM CI

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Corrosion Inhibiting Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM 70

Non-Shrink Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforce Repair Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM 50

Non-Shrink Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Mortar


ShaliFix® FRM 40

Polymer Modified Fiber Reinforced Mortar


ShaliFix RMP HI

Readymade Heat & Sound Insulation Mortar


ShaliFix RM SG 01

2K Structural Grade Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar


ShaliFix RM HB 01

2K High Build Polymer Modified Reinstatement Mortar


Shalimar Dam-it

Non-Shrink Fast Setting Hydraulic Cementitious Product


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