Our epoxy t, non-shrink, epoxy-based, putty for repair are made of resin, hardener and some special filler.The product range consists of 3K Non-Shrink Epoxy Putty, Three-Component Solvent Free Epoxy Repair Mortar, three Component Epoxy Mortar and Mortar for AAC Blocks and Fly Ash Bricks.

ShaliFix®3 EP

3K Non-Shrink Epoxy Putty

ShaliFix® 3 EP (formerly known as ShaliFix EP) is a three component, non-shrink, epoxy based,putty for repair made of resin, hardener and some special filler

ShaliFix® RM E

Three Component Solvent Free Epoxy Repair Mortar

ShaliFix RM E is a three component epoxy based repair mortar consisting of an epoxy resin,hardener and selected graded filler


Three Component Epoxy Mortar

ShaliFix® EM is a 100% solid, solvent free, high performance,non-slumping, three component consisting of an epoxy resin

ShaliFix®EM 51

3K Solvent Free, Thixotropic High Strength Epoxy Mortar

ShaliFix® EM 51 is a 100% solid, solvent free, high performance, non-slumping, three-component, consisting of an epoxy resin, hardener and selected graded filler, providing a tough and resilient,surface when compared to concrete.